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Text Template

Now sending text messages has been made easier! Set the desired text template, save it and use it as needed. No more repetitive work! It will save your time!

How to set a Text Template?

  • Choose either text editor. In case you want to import your own HTML build then choose HTML import

  • Select text
  • Add title
  • Write the text message.
  • Select the tags.
  • Click to save.

  • You will get a success notification saying: Email template Saved Successfully.
  • In the list, you can see the new text template created.

Once the text template is created you can now use the text template to send messages.

How to use the text template to send text messages?

To send a message using the text template:

  • Navigate to the text message icon on the top right
  • Select the contact to whom you want to send the text message.
  • Click on select template to choose the text template.
  • If you have any attachments to send, click on the attachment icon and choose the file.
  • Click on send icon

  • Once the message is sent, it will be displayed in the message section.

Enhancement: March 2021

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