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Status, Sub-status, transaction date handling for Policy Status Change Automation – HawkSoft

Description- Addition and customization of Status, sub-status, and transaction date handling for Policy Status Change Automation workflow.

Use case– Easier and more convenient customization in policy status change workflow.


  • Go to the Engagement Module. Navigate to the Automation section. Click on Create.


  • Go to Policy Status Change. Click on the Customize.

  • Scroll down and Select the desired option from the Policy Status and Policy Sub status drop-down. Enter the desired after the status days for the workflow to be triggered.

Note- For contact, the policy status and sub status are prepopulated from Hawksoft.

The policy status change workflow for Hawksoft will run based on the selected policy status, policy substatus, and Transaction date handling based on the set After status date.

Note-You can edit the policy status change workflow by navigating to the automation section. Click on analytics. Click on three dots and select edit.

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