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Smart Search in Contacts

The smart search feature is designed to ease information access of your contacts, instead of skimming through the humongous stores of data files. You can not only access what’s available but also request for the missing information. Leverage this feature to connect with leads, prospects, clients, and other contacts. Gain optimum advantage against the competition, streamline your work processes, and drive towards higher revenue resources.

There are two types of search options available for retrieving contact information.

In this article, you will learn:

2. Search Contacts:

You can find the search contacts fill box on the right-hand side of the contacts window. (Marked as 2 in the image above). This enables you to look for contact information under your agent database. [Note: It does not reflect information that may be available in the Principal agency database]. The search result will be available for Contact search on the basis of the Account name, Address, Designation, Email, First name, and phone no.

Smart search now includes phone numbers.

It’s easier to follow up on call activity with the help of this feature. You can enter the phone no. in the smart search and get contact details matching with records in the database. Valid entries are initial three digits (986) or a ten-digit number (986780214). The auto-populated field of phone numbers in the contacts can be seen as (968)- 678-0214.

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