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Mid term policy workflow automation

Mid-term policy automation will help users to send an alert, or, updates or notification to their clients mid-term of their policy period. For example: If a policy is of 12 months, then after 6 months from the effective date the mid-term notification will be sent.

To set and begin mid-term policy workflow:

  • Navigate to Engagements

  • Click on create under Automation

  • Click on Get Started button beside Mid Term Policy Review.
  • Give a name to the workflow you are creating

  • Select the mode to send the workflow: Email, Text, Task, and Reminder

  • Select a contact type. You can further create a more specific client list by using filters.
  • Include the policy categories and carrier, only for those the workflow will get triggered

  • Select when to send the communication before or after and put the number of days accordingly

  • Once done you can either save as a draft or click to begin to create the workflow.

  • Create the stages, select the template, and fill in the details.
  • Click on the next button to review the workflow
  • Check the box to enable the Agent email notification.

  • Click on start

  • If you return to the Automation section you can find the Midterm policy review workflow. You can track the workflow, edit or delete.

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