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New Policy trigger in workflow automation

InsuredMine issues automated workflows that trigger email/text after a new policy. If the New Policy trigger is enabled, the system will notify clients of any new policy purchase with trigger days notice.The process to create a workflow whenever there is a new policy issued:
  • Navigate to Engagement
  • Click on analytics in Automation
  • Click on create workflow
  • Select the New Policy workflow and click on get started
  • Set the workflow name
  • Select the mode to send the workflow- email, text message (SMS), task, reminder, Postcard/Letter/Notecard( and Voicedrop

Note: For Postcard/Letter/Note card you account must be integrated with and for Voicedrop you need to have Slyboard integrations.

  • Set the filters by clicking on the filter icon provided on the right side.
  • Select the policy categories to include. 

Note: The policyholder who falls within the selected policy categories will get the new policy communication that you will set.

  • Set the trigger condition when and after how many days, the communication will start.
  • Once done, click on begin to start the workflow. 

  • Set the stages of the workflow.
  • Click next to review the workflow
  • Select the checkbox to enable Agent Email Notification. 

Note: Enabling this will send an email notification to the selected agents, once the new policy workflows trigger.

  • Click start to start the automation.
  • You will get a confirmation message that the workflow has started.
  • Or you can also save it as a draft to use later.
  • To track the automation, go back to engagement and click on analytics. Here you can track, edit, delete, pause the automation. 
  • You can also see the complete details by clicking on the drop-down button beside more details.

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