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Lead capture


  • Webform – Ability to capture quotes from prospects on your website and sending them directly to the InsuredMine dealboard.
  • Textform – Capture phone number and text them back and forth to get the details and then to create a card from the same


  • Sharable link – Share Agent’s profile link to add to phone contact helping people who are interested to share your profile for referrals.

Social Media

  • Post – share information on Facebook and linkedIn and create opportunities for people to like it, share it and follow it and eventually get them to the funnel.
  • Ads – same as above.

Lead List

  • Pay to get a list to get them included in the top of the funnel.


Networking Event/Booths/Conference

Capture lead is an action to the Marketing efforts that create the buzz, brand, desire, and reason for a prospect to reach out share their information, and show interest to buy policies.

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