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Lead Nurture

50% of leads are qualified but
aren't immediately ready to buy something from you


  • Tipsheet / Videos from the Agency
  • Blog posts on general industry trends, tips & advice
  • Monthly email newsletter
  • Introductory or general industry whitepaper
  • Introductory eBook
  • Checklist
  • Infographic
  • Slideshow
  • Podcast
  • Guide, tutorial, or walkthrough
  • Interview with industry leaders Data visualization

Consumers in the awareness stage are still performing preliminary research. 


  1. Consolidate all contacts from Lead capture to leads in Contacts
  2. Segment the list by adding tags to each of them –eg LOB, source, topics, etc. Decision Maker, Influencer, or user.
  3. Determine and tag which stage of sales funnel they belong for relevant approach
  4. Build a monthly content plan – 1 email per week
Active Nurture (Immediate)
  • Welcome
  • Value #1
  • Tips/Hints
  • Value #2
  • Case Study
Passive Nurture
  1. Newsletter
  2. Product Updates
  3. Educational Content
Goal – Trigger response to campaigns

Setup Automation!

Email/Text Automation is one of the easier and highest ROI initiatives that an agency can do. Some of this automation can be set up at Agency Level by the Admin and other ones can be managed individually by each Producer/Agents


Birthday (All Contacts)
Holidays (All Contacts)
Anniversaries (All Contacts)
Welcome Client (Active New)
App Download (Active New)
Referral Request (New) +14 day
Policy Review (Active)
Google Review (Active)



Follow up Task (New) +7 days
Policy Renewal


Setup a Single Contact Drip (SCD)! For Pipeline:

First Contact: Follow up until connected
Quoting: Follow up waiting for quote
Proposal: Follow up until final disposition


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