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Connect your email to the agency portal in InsuredMine

 Connecting your email to the InsuredMine agency portal has become easier than ever. Simply link your account through one of the two user-friendly integration methods, and enjoy immediate access to the work email feature for a smooth and efficient communication experience.

Let us first understand the ways on how you can connect your email:

From the Settings Module:

  • Access the settings module.
  • Click on “Connect Your Email Account.”
  • Choose the specific account you wish to connect with InsuredMine.

From the Get Started Option:

  • Click on profile settings.
  • Select the “Get Started” option from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on ‘Start Journey’ to initiate the onboarding process.
  • Complete your profile and then click on Save and Continue.
  • Connect your desired email ID for your work email and sign in.

To connect your email, regardless of how you are accessing it, you will be redirected to the page below:

  • InsuredMine will request integration with your email account.
  • Choose your preferred email provider (e.g., Gmail).
  • Grant the required permissions to access the email.
  • Upon successful connection, your email is linked to the agency portal in InsuredMine, mirroring your inbox functionality. Once connected, users can access the calendar module, displaying saved events and activities from their email account.

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