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Add Quotes

Add quotes on the deal-card through the Quotes section to know which carriers you have quoted and the amount.

To add quotes in the dealcard details follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the pipeline module, click on the dealcard title of any deal card for an expanded view. Click Proceed in the Quotes segment on the right options panel as shown below:

2. You will find an option to edit quote, click to open the edit quote window. Fill in the category name, expected premium, and expected revenue. Click on more options and fill in the carrier name. notes, policy number, payment frequency, effective date and expiry date. Please note that you may add multiple quotes here by clicking on the Add More button. Click Submit when you are done. The quotes will be visible in that particular deal card.

Enhancement! June 2020

Notes in Custom Quotes

Additional comments can be added in expanded pipeline card through Notes field. When you add custom quotes, you can add policy info, product details or any other relevant information under the Notes field as shown below:

Make sure you click Apply after adding the notes with other data.

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