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Admin Account Set up – 6 Steps

Welcome! We’re excited that you have chosen InsuredMine for Sales Management, Marketing Management, Client Management as your integrated platform.

Mentioned below are specific areas where the Admin account has key roles to play in terms of providing access or viewing data in a consolidated way.

Admin Account Features
  • Admin can assign an Agent to Manager access
  • Admin can assign an Agent to a Manager
  • Admin can assign an Agent to an agent (Switch from Dropdown)
  • Admin can create a CSR

2. Dealboard

  • Admin can have a view of all cards of the agency
  • Admin can view the cards as per agent
  • Admin can view the report the Dealboard agent wise or agency wise

3. Dashboard

  • View analytics of the agency
  • View Dealboard report of his agents (agent performance report)
  • View agents efforts/activities on the portal 

4. Consolidated data view

  • Accounts
  • Policies
  • Directory
  • Reports
  • Engagement

A few things to note on the dashboard. 

  • The admin will receive a master campaign chart which will be broken down by agency user. The widgets and graphs will be agency-wide. The different colors in the chart represent different campaigns that the user has run from their account. As the admin, you can view the campaign results by clicking on them.
  • The admin can also see the total number of tasks and activities done and can get a brief overview of the pipeline in the in-process stage of the deal-board for different users. 
  • In deal-board, the admin can very easily see all of these shared items or they can select by agents to view the pipeline with a dropdown option with agent’s names to select from. This will provide the admins the ability to quickly review all of the pipelines for different team members. 
  • Across the top, they can see different premiums in every different category as well as the due dates. The admin can flip view of opportunity between won, loss, in-process or all.

5. Explore Texting

Texting is one of the best ways to get in front of your leads at any time. InsuredMine allows you to communicate 1:1 with your leads or current clients via text.

We also make texting efficient with handy text templates that can be sent in just a click.

6. Learn About Team Reporting and Accountability

Holding your agents accountable is an important factor in increasing your conversions. We track agent follow up and deals for you!

7. Widget Management

While allowing access to agents, the admin can choose which modules of the agency portal should be visible to the assigned agent.

Access Manager for User Management

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