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Are you able to get a better understanding of the deal in the overview section

What is the deal overview within the deal card?

Perhaps you want to see all of the activity on a deal card.  Just click on the deal card you want to analyze. You will get this screen below.

  • Click on the down arrow next to Overview (see #1).
  • From the list, you can see a summary of the activities for this dealcard.
  • If you want to see exactly what was done on a particular activity (for example #2).
  • You go to the middle section of the dealcard and click on the activity you wish to see.  (In this example, I want to see what the Note was so I click on the Notes Tab, see #3)
  • This will take you screen #4 which will list all of the Notes for this deal card.
  • Likewise, you can click on each tab to see the activity done there.  The Overview tab on the left provides the analytics.

What content is shown in the center inside the deal card?

As mentioned above, the center screen of the dealcard, shows you the timeline of all of the activity under each tab or consolidated timeline under the “All” tab..  It shows both auto-generated and manually created activities. You can scroll through each tab to see each activity for that category.

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