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Automation List for Admin Manager

Automation involves multiple campaigns set by many agents. As an Admin manager, it is tough to comprehend the work of all agents in any random manner. To make it easier, we help you view the list of each automation in a systematic order.

To view the automation list follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Make sure your login as Admin manager
  2. Navigate to Engagement>Automation>Analytics
  3. Click Running (for live campaigns), Paused, or Drafts to view the respective automation analytics.
  4. You can view analytics for every campaign by specific agents. Click the respective icons for each action. The functional features of this module are listed below:
    1. Click the small arrow to the right for a contracted or expanded view of each automation.
    2. Click on Agent Name to view the details of Trigger, Drip Stages and User list.
    3. You can also view Workflow Name, Workflow mode (Email, text message, etc.) Creation date, Created by/Role.
    4. In the Action segment, you can Start or Pause a campaign, track opened, clicked and bounce rates, edit or delete the campaign.

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