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InsuredMine billing starts on the day you sign up for the service and then it bills you every month on the same day if it is a monthly subscription and once a year on the same date next year if it is annual billing.

User Change during the period:

We determine your usage by multiplying the number of active accounts by the effective price per account for your organization’s billing plan. If the number of active accounts per month is equal to the number of accounts included in your billing plan, you will be billed the regular monthly rate for the plan.

If you need to add an additional user and you do not have an additional license then you need to acquire additional licenses and as per your plan (monthly or annually).

If you decided to drop (Cancel) a user from current subscription, then your next month billing will be reduced by that many users.

Currently, once an invoice is done for a user (monthly or yearly) if you drop them in the middle of the terms, you will be charged for that term but no further.

An active account is an account that is set to paid for any period of time within a given month/year, and we do not prorate account usage within a month or year (if paid annually).

An account is uniquely defined by its email address. Accounts shared between applications within your organization are counted once.

To summarize:

  • InsuredMine invoices on the first day you are invoiced and will be billed for next 30days for the month for all active accounts as per the date of w
  • An account is uniquely defined by both its email address and the server settings used to authenticate.
  • If you go over the number of accounts included in your plan each additional account is prorated
  • We do not prorate active account usage during the month. If an account is active for any period of time within a given month, it will be counted for the entire month as an active account.
  • The first time an account is added it will automatically have a billing_state that is paid
  • You are responsible for cancelling accounts using the Account Management endpoints, and re-activating previously cancelled accounts.
  • Accounts shared between applications are not charged twice.

Here’s a table to quickly identify when an account is charged:

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