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Managing time is of prime importance to the sales team. Analyzing the time spent on meeting leads, researching target accounts or prospects, and handling cold calls as well are time-consuming activities. An effective study of meetings and organized events is fostered by Calendar Analytics to make sure time is spent on valuable activities.

To analyze the performance of your meetings and organized events follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. In your agent portal, navigate to Calendar —-> Analytics.
  2. On the Analytics screen, you can get an overview of all the meetings in the last 30 days, 10 days, 7 days, and even the same day.


  • Time Spent: The total number of hours you have spent on prospect and client meetings.
  • Meetings: The total number of meetings scheduled.
  • Attended: The percentage and number of meetings you attended out of the total meetings scheduled.
  • Rejected: The number of meetings you have not attended.
  • Missed: The number of scheduled meetings you confirmed but couldn’t attend.

Analysis charts

  • Most attended meetings: The summation of meetings attended in each meeting event category.
  • Attended meeting lengths: The average duration of your meetings in terms of time spent.

Your Organizer Statistics

  • Organized: Total number of events organized by you.
  • Accepted invites: The number of times the contacts have accepted your invite is reflected here.
  • Rejected invites: This indicates the number of times your schedule invites have not been approved.
  • Missed invites: The number of times invitees confirmed but missed the meeting.

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