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Carrier and category filters in Pipeline Automation

Within Pipeline Automation, we’ve introduced two new filters called ‘carriers’ and ‘categories.’ For example, if a deal card contains carrier  and category related information, the automation will be triggered only when the ‘carrier’ and ‘category’ filters are set. Automation will trigger only those deal cards that meet the criteria of the selected ‘carrier’ and ‘category’ filters.

To view the enhancement:

  • Go to the Pipelines module & then click on the ellipsis icon(…).
  • From the drop down of options select “Automation.”
  • From pipeline automation, when you click on to add a new automation stage.
  • You will see that two new filters, named ‘Category Filter’ and ‘Carrier Filter,’ have been added to the Automation stages within pipeline automation.
  • If a deal card contains carrier and category information, and we’ve set the category and carrier filters here and  initiated the automation process, then only it will trigger the automation for the specific deal card. Otherwise, the automation won’t activate.

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