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Automation: Client turning 65

In this article, you will learn:

Workflow automation for Client turning 65, allows you to do the following:

  • Send automated emails, text messages to your contacts on their special day. The 65th birthday drip campaign can be triggered before the birthday, on the same day and after the birthday.
  • Send real postcards and letters with customized images and machine-handwritten text to contacts through integration. You initiate the stage for sending a postcard/letter and it is delivered to clients within 7 days.
  • Create a drip email notification for tasks. The notifications for tasks can be sent to agents.
  • Send reminder email notifications.

How to Setup automation for Clients turning 65

  1. Navigate to Engagement module, click Create in the Automation segment.
  2. Select Clients turning 65 and click Next at the bottom of the screen.

Workflow details

  1. In the workflow setup screen that appears, Add or select the following:
  • Workflow Name: Add suitable campaign name, based on line of business, client type or any other name which has relevance and quick recall.
  • Select the mode to send the workflow (email, text, postcard/letter (, tasks, reminder) : To start a campaign for all modes or select particular modes, click on checkboxes for each mode you wish to activate . Orange indicates selected.
  • Select a list :To address campaigns to any type of contact such as Active clients, Inactive clients, Leads, Prospects, others, select from drop down list.
  • Trigger workflow when the following conditions are met: To set the trigger for delivering the messages on the right day, select Before, Same day or After.

Note : The number of days before and after can vary but the trigger type (Before, same day or after) cannot be changed at any stage while designing the campaign.

When the date of birth mentioned in contacts matches the specified criteria for the number of days before, on or after the birthday, the trigger is automatically set.

Designing the workflow

Click Next to start designing the Birthday workflow. The steps to design a workflow are mentioned below:

1. Select the sender phone number and email id in From Number and From Email fields.

2. Select the mode of workflow from Email, SMS, Postcard/letter, Task and Reminder.

3. Select template, you can create customized templates through template builder.

4.Type your message and add relevant tags from the right Tag segment. 

5. Click Add new stage on the left to send a series of messages and fill the information you wish to share at each stage .

6. After adding relevant stages, click Next to review the workflow.

7. Click Create 

Note: When you select mode as Postcard/ letter to be sent through,  additional input fields appear. Enter the Message title, select Image,  Select Handwriting style and select type from Postcard or letter. Click Preview to review the appearance of the same.  The difference between letter and postcard is in their style, size and format.A sample image is shown below

To use this feature, a account is mandatory. Sign up if you do not have an account.

Note : When you select Task mode, you will notice some changes in the fields. Enter the task name, select priority, add assignee agent name. Remember, you cannot send this to yourself . The task is also added in the task list of the agent portal for the respective agent. Refer to sample image below for more clarity:

Note: When you select Reminder Mode, a reminder email notification is sent to the assigned agent. Enter the data in all the relevant fields, select templates, add subject, add signature, select agent name to whom you wish to send a reminder in the Assignee field.

Use case for Trigger Days: Consider the case when the Client’s 65th birthday is on 10th April. Learn about the trigger implications for Before, Same day and After dates from the following:

  • BEFORE Trigger: You select 8 days Before as a trigger, the First email will be sent out  – 8 days i.e. on 2nd April. In the subsequent stages, you have to set trigger dates in decreasing order. You can set 5 days as stage 2 trigger date, 3days as Stage 3 Trigger date and so on up to 1 day. 
  • SAME DAY Trigger: When you select the same day, the message will be delivered on 10th April.
  • AFTER Trigger: You set the trigger date as 3 days after the Birthday, the first stage email will be sent on 13th April. The subsequent series have to be set in increasing order for After trigger. For stage 2 you can select 5days, then 10 days, then 15 days.

Analytics of Workflow automation for Client turning 65

  1.  Navigate to Engagement click on Analytics under Automation.
  2. Click Track
  3. Select the mode by clicking the tab  Email, Sms or and review the respective campaign’s performance.

You will notice the recipient column added in each list to help navigate directly to the Contact 360 profile of the contact.

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