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The user profile allows a user to provide information about themselves including their lifestyle and life stages to help their personal insurance agent make smart recommendations regarding the type of coverage they need to suit their lifestyle. With better information comes better decision making and better-tailored policies.

The My Profile section has 8 subparts:

  1. Overview: Information such as a user’s email, phone number, and address is stored here. The profile also includes birthday and emergency contact information. The emergency contact is important for the insurance agent to know, and may also be important when a user takes advantage of the Car Accident Checklist tool.
  2. House: Information regarding a user’s primary home, as well as any secondary (vacation) or rental properties, is stored here.  Users can add any number of properties they own, rent or lease.
  3. Vehicles: Information regarding user’s vehicles such as VIN, usage, year, make, and model is stored here. Having this information available makes it easy to request a quote directly from the app.
  4. Assets: Information regarding a user’s atypical or extraordinary personal belongings are stored here. These assets may require a special kind of coverage or policy to make sure they are covered in case of loss, theft or damage. Examples of such personal property could be jewelry, musical instruments, firearms, art or rare collectibles.
  5. Work: Information about user’s employment including title, start and end date, job location, etc. is stored here. This is relevant to the insurance agent for implications on things such as homeowners insurance (home based business is not always covered) auto insurance (if a vehicle is used for business but is insured personally, it may not be covered for any incidents that happen while being used for business purposes) and for the user’s broader risk profile (if a user’s employer or job title implies something which makes them susceptible to a frivolous lawsuit and they could benefit from an umbrella policy).
  6. Education: Information regarding a user’s education history, a field of study, level of study completed and where they studied is stored here. This is relevant to the insurance agent for its impact on potential discounts for the user.
  7. Family: Information about all the members in the user’s family such as their names, ages, birthdays and relationship to the user is stored here.
  8. Pet: Information about any pets that the user might have is stored here. Many insurance agents offer pet insurance, and users can request information regarding those products directly from the app.

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