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Customize Stamp Display Settings in Pipeline (Show/Hide)

 This feature allows users to personalize their stamp settings within the pipeline, giving them the ability to choose whether to display or hide the stamp. Enabling the card stamp option will result in the stamp becoming visible on deal cards, whereas disabling it will cause the stamp to become hidden on deal cards.

Use Case: This allows users to customize the appearance of deal cards in their pipelines, offering the flexibility to include or exclude stamps based on their specific needs and preferences. It allows for a more tailored and visually organized pipeline management experience.


  1. Navigate to the Pipelines module within the application.
  2. Next, click on “Board Settings”.

3.Within the settings menu, locate and select the “Stamp” option.

4.A simple “Yes” or “No” choice allows users to enable or disable the stamp setting, depending on their preferences.

Note: When the card stamp option is disabled, the stamp will no longer be visible on deal cards.

Whether the stamp is enabled or disabled, this feature ensures that users have control over their pipeline’s aesthetics, promoting efficiency and clarity in their workflow.

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