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Document Manager

Note: These documents will be available for all agents, admins, and managers.

Document Manager can be used to manage and store Folders and Files. This will help you manage all your agency documents in one centralized location on the cloud so it can be accessed by all agents from any system and any location.

Within Document manager, you will be able to create, delete, rename, and move a folder or a file.

To access Document Manager follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Document Manager


In documents, you can save both files, folders, and individual documents.

  • To create new folder click here:

  • Give a folder name and click on save.

  • To upload a new file click here:

  • Once you upload a new file, you can rename, move or delete the file.

  • The same is with the folder, once you create a folder you can rename, move or delete the folder.

  • To rename the file click on rename, change the file name and click on update.

  • If you click to delete the file, there will be a warning message that you need to confirm.

  • To move the file from one folder to another, click on 3 dots beside the file and click on move.

  • Click on the arrow sign

  • Select the drive where you want to move the folder or select the folder where you want to move the file.

  • Once the folder is moved you will get a confirmation message saying: Folder moved successfully.


  • You can also drag and drop any files from your computer

  • You can view the upload status at the right corner of the page.

  • You can also view the file or folder information with a single click on the folder/file.

  • And if you get inside the folder, double click on the folder.

  • You can also sort the documents based on name or last modified

  • And click on the arrow beside to sort it in ascending or descending order.

  • You can also arrange the documents, based on grid view or list view.


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