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Enhanced filtering option with city and zip code filteral in list creation

The latest update brings forth an innovative feature that expands filtering capabilities, allowing users to seamlessly apply City and Zip filters during the process of creating lists for accounts and contacts.

Use Case: Filtering city and zip code data helps insurance agencies pinpoint growth opportunities, identify underserved markets, and tailor their strategies for expanding their customer base and increasing market share.  It helps improve customer communication and plan for emergencies.


  1. Navigate to the ‘Engagement’ module.
  2. Select the ‘Lists’ option.

3.Choose the desired list source.

4.Opt for either ‘Accounts’ or ‘Contacts’.

5.Implement additional filters by selecting ‘Add Filters’.

Note: Following the addition of filters, users will now encounter an enhanced filtering experience. Upon selecting filters, an option to refine the filter selection becomes available. Upon opening the dropdown menu, users will observe the newly integrated filters ‘City’ and ‘Zip,’ providing a more comprehensive approach to list creation and data segmentation.

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