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Enhancement in label Pipeline Automation: Stopping automation upon label removal

 Now, when users opt to remove specific labels associated with a deal card, particularly those labels tied to automation processes, a corresponding halt will occur in the label-based automation for that particular deal card.

Use Case: Removing a label with associated automation serves as an instant ‘stop’ button for automated actions. This real-time control prevents overcommunication, ensures actions are always relevant and allows for quick adjustments in response to changing circumstances.


  1. Navigate to the ‘Pipeline’ module.
  2. Identify and click on the deal card of interest.
  3. Examine the labels currently applied to the deal card.
  4. Choose to remove a label that has been assigned to the card.

Note: Verify if the label automation has been triggered by the addition of a label to the deal card.

Note: Once the label is removed from the deal card, users will observe that the label automation has been stopped.

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