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Enhancing automation during bulk card transfers between stages/pipelines

The latest update introduces an enhanced feature that streamlines the process of moving bulk deal cards between stages. This new functionality empowers users by allowing them to initiate the “Stage Change Automation” while transferring cards from one stage to another. With this feature, the transition of cards triggers specific automations associated with the destination stage. By simply selecting the “Start Stage Change Automation” option, users ensure that the appropriate automations are promptly activated for the moved cards within their new stage.

Furthermore, this update offers a comprehensive automation control mechanism. For cards being relocated from the current stage, users are provided with the option to halt ongoing automations. This “Stop Running Automation” feature guarantees that automations related to the previous stage are ceased, preventing any undesired or redundant actions.

Use Case: Seamlessly enhance workflow by adding pipeline automation while efficiently moving bulk cards from one stage to another.


  1. Navigate to the Pipeline module.
  2. Click on the ellipsis (3 dots) to access additional choices.Choose the ‘Move all to Stage’ option.
  3. Choose the ‘Move all to Stage’ option.
  4. Select the desired stage as the destination for the cards.

Note: After designating the destination stage for card movement, a popup will prompt users to decide whether to initiate the “Start ‘Stage Change’ Automation”.

Note: Additionally, users can exercise control over automations by choosing to ‘Stop Running Automation’ from the previous stage.

Note: Upon clicking the ‘Update’ button, a confirmation popup will seek user input to proceed with the card movement. Users must confirm their intention to move the cards.

Note: Confirming the movement by selecting ‘Yes, move all!’ results in the transfer of all designated cards to the selected stage. A confirmation message affirms the successful completion of the card movement process.

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