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Epic bulk sync-ups – email campaign, bulk text, SCD, Contact Automation

With Epic Bulk sync-ups, you can now easily sync your comprehensive email and text campaigns, or initiate single-contact drip and contact automation workflows, directly from InsuredMine to Applied Epic.

Use Case: Easily sync email/text campaigns or automate workflows from InsuredMine into Applied Epic with Epic Bulk sync-ups.

Note: As of now, for Email Campaigns, we can only choose to auto-sync it to Epic. However, for the other three—Bulk Text, Single Contact Drip, and Contact Automation—we can perform both auto and manual sync.

To View the Enhancement:

First Step:

Before triggering any email campaign, text campaign, SCD, or running contact automation, you first need to set it to auto or manual sync from the Settings module.

Email Campaigns Sync-up from IM to Epic:

  • After triggering an email campaign, you will get a pop-up saying, ‘Do you want to sync with AMS?
  • Simply select: Yes or No
  • After successful Sync, the data will be visible within Epic under the activities tab.

Contact Automation Sync-up from IM to Epic

  • Within Epic the the workflow data will be visible under activities.

Single Contact Drip Sync-up from IM to Epic:

Bulk Text Campaign Sync-up from IM to Epic:

  • Within Epic the the text campaign data will be visible under activities.

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