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Now, insurance agents can sign and send any essential document to their clients and receive the signed document back from the client via email. This way, validating and confirming any deal will become easier! You will be able to see the interactive timeline and IP address of the document that was accessed. 


* To attach the file to a contact, download the signed file and upload it into the file in Contact360. File will transfer to AMS360, Hawksoft, NowCerts, QQ Catalyst, and Nexsure.

There are four easy steps to add the electronic signature of the agent and get it signed by the recipients/signers:

  • Select the document

  • Add the Signers’ names and email

  • Click and drag the signatory fields for the recipients to sign the document

  • Click Send

How to add a document?

  • Click on Sign Document

Note: Only PDF forms of documents are supported.

  • Click on Select File

  • Once you add a file, click Next


How to add recipients names and email?

  • Type the Name and Email of the recipients and click on Add

  • Click Next

  • You can add multiple recipients



  • Signers are the people who will be signing the document. For example the agent and customer would be the signers.

  • The recipients/signers that you will add will be visible here. By default, the logged-in agent will also be visible under the recipient section.


How to add and place the fields in the document?


The available fields that you can add to the forms are Signature, Initial,text box , check box and Sign Date. You will be able to drag and drop the fields into the form. You can add these fields on one page or different pages of the file you have uploaded. 



For each signer, you can add these fields separately. 

Note: While you will try to add a signature for yourself, (i.e. the logged-in agent) it will ask you to add your signature.


How to add your signature?


The signature can be added in 2 patterns:

  • Type the signature with the font of your style

  • Add your sign using a keypad stroke


To type your signature:

  • Click on the document icon to add your name

  • Type in your name

  • Choose the font for your signature

  • Click on Save

To add your signature using stroke:

  • Click on the stroke icon

  • Draw the signature with the mouse

  • If you’re not satisfied with your signature, you can click on Undo the last stroke

  • Once done, click on Save


  • Once you save the stroke signature, it will be saved for your next use. Next time when you want to use the stroke signature, click on the save icon and it will show the saved signature. To insert the saved signature, click on Insert.


Note: If you don’t want to use the previously saved stroke signature, you can also create a new one again by clicking on the stroke sign or type in your name in the desired font available.


How to add the signing date?

  • To add the signing date drag the Sign Date field

  • A calendar will open to select the signing date

  • Select the date

  • The date will get added to the document


  • In case you don’t require any field, you have the option to delete the field.

To delete a field

  • Click on the field that you would like to delete

  • Click on the delete icon on the left.

To disable a field

You can also disable a field by sliding the button to gray



Note: The ‘Me’ section data fields are mandatory. If you do not add any fields, then it will show an error message and will prevent you from moving forward to the next step. 

Note: the required fields will be highlighted.

Once the signature and dates are added, click on Next to add a message to the signers/recipients. Type the subject and the message and click on Send.


Once you send the message, you will be navigated to the e-sign list.

In this list, you will find the details of the documents you have sent, total recipient/signer details, and the status of the document (if it is in process or completed). You can also delete the document by clicking on the delete icon below the action. 


  • To view the name and email of the recipients/signers, click on total recipients and the details will open in a pop-up box.


  • To preview the document details, click on the preview icon under the action tab. You will be able to see the interaction timeline and IP address the document was accessed.


How will the signers/recipients receive the document and sign the document back?

Once you send the document via email, the signer/recipient will need to open the email and click on Review and Sign.


Note: You may add multiple recipients/signers to sign the document. Each recipient can only view his/her signature/initial and date option only. 


While signing the document, the signer will receive the option to add a signature in the form of text or add a signature via stroke. However, this will not give the signer the option to save the stroke signature for later usage. 


The signer can download the document by clicking on the Download icon. 


The signer will need to sign the document and click on Continue. Once the signer goes through all the pages, click on the I agree button to submit the form. 



Once the signer submits the form, he/she will get an email with the link to view the submitted form.

And once all recipients will sign and submit the form, the status will be shown as Complete in the E-sign list.

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