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EVO Sync with InsuredMine

The EVO Sync with InsuredMine allows for two-way sync of contact details, accounts, and for policy one way sync is available between the EVO and InsuredMine systems. This ensures that data is kept consistent across both platforms, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Use Case: The following integration enhances operational efficiency, improves data accuracy, and enables agents to provide better service to their clients.

To View the Enhancement:

Below are the fields we are syncing Contact Details from InsuredMine (apart from the mandatory fields mentioned in the note below) :-

1. Full Name
2. First name
3. Last name
4. Contact Status
5. Contact Number
6. Email address
7. Address


Create Contact in InsuredMine and sync it with EVO

  • Add contact from InsuredMine by clicking on Add Contact option from either contact module or from overall add button from the header and sync it to EVO by clicking on sync button from contact page/action option or Contact/Account360 page/Evo sync icon.
  • After Creating Contact Sync Option will be available to sync the contact from IM portal to EVO.

Mandatory fields for the EVO sync

Producer is the mandatory field to sync any contact to AMS.


  • Insured – personal, commercial – It has the policy. 
  • Prospect – personal, commercial – No policy will be there.
  • Alpha* – Account name

Other client details as Account info’s in InsuredMine.


Always from the clients (Primary contact)

Additional contacts will be created from the contact insert in Evo

Name – Contact name (Separated by spaces for first, middle, and last name)

User type will be handled from the account level.

Create Contact in EVO and sync with InsuredMine Add contacts from EVO to InsuredMine by clicking on customer and then on new customer button along with all datapoints which should sync in IM. It will directly sync to InsuredMine. Firm name is the one we use to create account names in absence of first and last name.


Right now policy is a one-way sync, create Policy in EVO and sync with InsuredMine For adding policy from EVO, open contact for which you want to add policy, go to policies tab, click on the new policy button, enter all the data points which need to be synced in InsuredMine and save it.

Fields getting synced are – 

1. Insurance type 

2. Insurance category 

3. Policy number 

4. Effective and expiration date 

5. Premium

6. Carrier

Policy will appear in InsuredMine as shown below:

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