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Forward and Backward Navigation from Card Details

This feature will help you to have quick navigation to all the cards in the same stage of the selected pipeline.

To view the enhancement:


  • Navigate to Pipelines

  • Select a pipeline and open a deal card

  • On the top right you will find two arrow signs directing to open the previous card or open the next card.

  • Click on any of these two signs will take you to the next or previous card details.

  • The 3 dots between the arrows, it will list all deal cards in that stage.

  • If you click on any of the action sections such as timeline or communications or any other, the very next or previous cards that you will be clicking will land on the same section.

Action Sections


For example, if you click on the timeline section of any card, then all the cards either previous or next will display the timeline section while the card is opened.


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