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How to Energize the Renewal Process: Best Practices

Renewing insurance policies is not just about retaining clients; it’s a pathway to growth. Here’s how you can revitalize your renewal process using InsuredMine:


– Tailor automated messages to each client.
– Address clients by name and consider their specific needs.

Timely Engagement:

– Create a structured renewal timeline:
– 50 Days Before Renewal: Check for duplicates.
– 45 Days Before Renewal: Send a personalized email alert.
– 30 Days Before Renewal: Prepare clients for renewal.
– Upon Renewal: Engage based on client needs.
– 10 Days After Renewal: Follow up with post-renewal concerns.

Efficient Communication:

– Use automated emails to reduce phone tag.

Education Over Sales:

– Proactively communicate that you’re reviewing policies for the best value and coverage.

Embrace Automation:

– Utilize InsuredMine for automated tasks like email communication, reminders, and renewal tracking.

In summary, an efficient renewal process is essential for insurance agencies. By personalizing communication, adhering to a well-structured timeline, minimizing phone tags, educating clients, and embracing automation through platforms like InsuredMine, you can revitalize your renewal process and drive your agency toward growth and success.

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