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Import intake form as an action in Pipeline Automation

 With “Import Intake Form” in Pipeline Automation, you can now seamlessly integrate custom forms into your workflow. 

Use Case: Simple to use, makes importing and mailing to contacts easier, increasing productivity and engagement.


Import “Intake Form” as an action:

While setting up a new stage in the Automation, you can now use the “Intake Form” feature, which enables you to select from a variety of custom forms.

To choose a custom form, go to “Select Custom Form” for the stage, and the system will import the custom form automatically into the deal card.

Sending “Custom Forms” to Contacts:

  • If you click the check mark on the “Send Intake form to contact Immediately,” you will be able to insert the custom form into the deal card and contact. If this option is left unchecked, it will only import the custom form.
  • The custom form will be sent via  email or text.
  • The Automation will both import the custom form into the deal and send it to the contact.

Note: After initiating this automation, you’ll see both custom forms selected when you enter inside the deal card.

This feature is implemented for all the items like Stage, Label, Categories and pipeline automation.

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