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For centuries, insurance companies have used various business tactics to generate leads. Today, these techniques are further refined, improved, automated, and incorporated into a CRM. Having the right Insurance-specific customer relationship management (CRM) software can significantly boost your customer experience. Through InsuredMine, you can maintain healthy and profitable business relationships. This goes for both, existing clients and potential leads. CRM helps to track customer data and assists in better managing customer relationships. 

InsuredMine incorporates technology and strategies for effective lead generation and customer relationship management.

A CRM software enables you to streamline your lead management process. While utilizing a robust sales funnel, we ensure no leads fall through the cracks. When customer relationships and leads are nurtured at every step of the journey, this can contribute to some of the best sales opportunities.

According to a recent survey by Nucleus Research, the average return on technology investment for companies that use a CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent.

AI-powered Insurance CRM 

Your physical and digital operations generate thousands of leads. Utilizing an efficient process can help you to track leads, analyze data, and determine priorities. InsuredMine uses artificial intelligence to analyze large amounts of data. With AI, you can receive quick results on any qualified leads. This will help you apply the best marketing strategy based on the characteristics of the lead and prevent you from wasting time focusing on the wrong leads. It will further help you to focus your efforts on the most promising potential. AI-powered CRMs also suggest marketing strategies for each lead to maximize conversions.

Additionally, InsuredMine reports and analytics provides you with predictive analysis. You can measure the current and historical data to analyze the leads for faster conversion. Using the reports and analytics can help you to target marketing efforts to the right people and businesses in return, boosting your conversion rates.

According to a recent survey of CRM users by Capterra, 47 percent believe CRM has a significant impact on customer retention. A similar percentage believe that CRM use has helped them increase customer satisfaction. 

 User Experience

Jeimy Ramirez- CEO, and Managing Partner of Insurance Goddess Inc. was facing a significant issue in keeping the data record up-to-date. Before using InsuredMine they were still juggling with the spreadsheets. Google Review was a struggle for them. Managing leads, and communicating with them was not organized at all.

How InsuredMine help her agency?

According to Jeimy,  InsuredMine has been a bundle of joy for her insurance agency. Her agency, Insurance Goddess Inc. does not use any Agency Management System. For her agency, the InsuredMine CRM has been supporting them in managing their insurance business as an AMS.

The InsuredMine platform allows for mobility and flexibility with its cloud-based model. It gives the Insurance Goddess Inc. the ability to store all their data in one central location and maintain record keeping. This provides all their agents easy access to the data from any location. Agents can share the data with each other and still maintain privacy as required.

In addition to providing mobility for Jeimy’s agency, using InsuredMine CRM has also allowed her agency to foster client engagement and drive productivity. The real-time view of the client’s account details has been constructive for her which yields updated information about the client. Through the engagement module, her team can maintain efficient client engagement through automations so they can reach out to customers and prospects at an ideal time. The ease of communication with clients and agents results in establishing a better relationship.

The team further uses email marketing to educate their clients with money-saving tips. Jeimy is happy as InsuredMine works as an all-in-one solution for her agency.

Here are some additional ways the InsuredMine CRM has helped Insurance Goddess Inc. increase efficiency:

Google Reviews– This has proved to be a good marketing opportunity as they can easily obtain reviews from the clients which further boosts their business. 

Dashboard & Reports– The dashboard and reports provides key performance indicators that help them have a monthly success ratio. 

Contacts by Location– The pictorial view of the map showing the location of the clients in the dashboard helps her identify and segment her customers so she can market her agency to the right target. 

Mode of Communications- The integrated telephone system and email connection have always made connecting clients easier. Drilling down contacts based on tags and line of business while sending marketing emails, and messages have made the overall marketing process efficient.

To learn more about how InsuredMine is helping hundreds of insurance agencies to multiply their sales watch our IMUG meet video.




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