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Monthly production report for last 12 months Won & Lost

The monthly production report will project how many cards have been won or lost in the last 12 months. You will find both the bar chart and table view of the cards below. You can view the analytics based on count, premium, or expected revenue. By default, the table view will display the latest month. You can click on any month and the table data will show that month’s data and deal card details of that particular month. The table chart will have the month, count, premium, and expected revenue details of the deal cards. The table is sortable based on count, premium, and expected revenue.


To view the enhancement:


  • Navigate to Pipelines

  • Click on 3 dots icon (action) and select deal charts

  • Scroll down and select Monthly Production (won) or Monthly Production (lost)


Monthly Production (won)



Monthly Production (lost)


  • You can click on count to view the deal card details and can even download the report.



  • You can even click on the deal card and navigate to have a detailed view of the deal card.





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