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Move a deal card

Move functionality allows you to change the stage of an existing deal card to another pipeline stage. You can move individual or multiple deal cards at once. There are many ways to move a deal from one stage to another.

1. Move a deal card by Drag and drop :

You can drag a deal card and move it to another stage: Go to pipeline manager, click to drag deal card from one stage and move it to the desired stage.

2. Moving the deal card to another stage from an expanded view:

On the expanded deal card, you can simply click on the stage tab to move deal card to another stage within the same pipeline.

3. Moving all deal cards from one stage to another

You can move all deal cards to another stage by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to pipeline manager.

2. Click on the 3 orange dots near the stage name of the pipeline from which you want to move the cards.

3. Click the white arrow on the Move to Stage option and select the destination stage for all cards.

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