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Move Close conversation to open

Within the Text module, you can now streamline the interaction with the closed conversation. This feature facilitates the sending of text messages to closed conversations and offers a convenient way to decide whether to reopen a closed conversation.

Use Case: Simplifies the process of sending text messages to conversations that have been closed, presenting an efficient method for determining whether a closed conversation should be reopened.


  1. Navigate to the ‘Text Messages’ section.

2.Choose the specific conversation you intend to close.

3.Click on ‘Close Conversation’.

4.After the conversation is successfully closed, proceed to utilize the filter option and select ‘Closed Conversations’.

Note: Should you choose to reopen a previously closed conversation and send a text within it, a popup will appear notifying you that the conversation was closed. The popup will offer the choice to reopen the conversation.

  • By selecting ‘Yes’ in the popup, the conversation will transition from a closed state to an open state.
  • Opting for ‘No’ will maintain the conversation’s closed status. Nevertheless, any text messages dispatched within this closed conversation will still be delivered.

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