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Nickname for Contacts

  • Go to the Contact.
  • Navigate to add icon on the extreme top right.
  • Click on add contact .

  • While adding contact a new field of nickname is provided.
  • Fill all the fields and click to save.

How to view the nickname added in contacts?

  • Navigate to the contact section
  • Select table column option
  • Click on the nickname option along with other options of your choice.
  • Click you can view the nickname of the contact saved.

Nickname can be edited from multiple sections. It can be edited from the common add, contacts, contact 360 section, and account 360 section. Logs are also maintained for nickname changes.

  • In case if you want to edit the nickname from the contact page, you can hover the cursor on the nickname and click on it to edit.
  • Change the nickname and click on the tick icon to save.
  • You can also edit the nickname by clicking on the 3 ellipses (…) provided below the action section.
  • On clicking the update contact tab will open, where you can edit the nickname and any 
  • other contact fields and click on update.

The nick name will get updated in contact 360, you can also edit the nickname by clicking on the edit icon in contact 360

You can also edit the nickname from the account 360 section, by clicking on the edit button that you can get while clicking on the ellipses (…) provided under the action section.

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