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Note Loading in Contact360

A recent update has introduced an improved feature in Contact360 that enhances the note-loading process. Previously, users experienced delays when loading a large number of notes in Contact360, as there was no dedicated loader available. With this latest enhancement, a loader option has been added to streamline the note-loading experience.

Use Case: This enhancement aims to provide a smoother and more efficient note-loading experience for users dealing with numerous notes in Contact360.


  1. Navigate to the “Contacts” module.
  2. Click on the specific contact to enter Contact360.

3.Within Contact360, click on the “Notes” tab.

With the newly introduced loader feature, loading notes will be significantly smoother and more efficient even in situations with a significant quantity of them. This enhancement reflects our commitment to improving user experience and ensuring that Contact360 remains a powerful tool for managing your contact-related information.

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