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Paste screenshot directly to files

You can take a snapshot and upload the selected image without saving it as a file and then uploading it. Instantly capture important charts, image, report information and upload the snippet in a flick to share without delay

There are a couple of places where you can use this option while uploading files.

1. Accounts > Contacts > Events > Add Files

2. Pipelines>Any Pipeline> Any card in that pipeline>Files (on the left)

To Copy Clipboard for the files upload:

1. Select the area of the screen to be captured as an image screenshot and press Ctrl+C (control and C together) on the keyboard for copying the image.

2. Paste the image in ‘click here to write note’ fill box pressing Ctrl+V (control and V together) on the keyboard. The clipboard copy attached image file appears above the ‘click here to write a note box’ as shown below the box below Add files and paste it with Ctrl+C or right-click to select paste.

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