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Pipeline upload for custom fields

Description: Use the bulk upload option with upload custom fields that are mapping to deal cards in bulk.

Use case: It is easy to create bulk deal cards with custom fields added using the bulk upload option.



  •  Navigate to the Pipelines module. 

  • Click on the three dots in the top-right corner. Click on Bulk Upload. 

Note: By mapping custom fields to the fields present in the Excel sheet, you can bulk-upload deal cards for a pipeline.


  • The sheet should be a CSV file. You can also download a reference sheet.

  • Click Next Step.

  • Map columns, which insuredmine will read from the CSV file


  • Check the custom fields that have been mapped before uploading.

  • A success message will appear on the screen.

  • Following the upload, you may notice new deal cards created in the pipeline and stage you selected. 


  • Custom fields uploaded from the pipeline will only be mapped to that specific pipeline.

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