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Quick Action Button in the InsuredMine Top Menu

The Quick Action Button in the InsuredMine top menu is a powerful feature designed to streamline your workflow by providing quick access to essential actions. With this feature, you can easily perform various tasks such as adding activities, contacts, accounts, deals, policies, and more. In this knowledgebase article, we will explore how to use the Quick Action Button and describe each of the available actions in detail.

Accessing the Quick Action Button:

The Quick Action Button is conveniently located in the top menu of your InsuredMine account, ensuring that you have instant access to these important functions. To use the Quick Action Button, follow these steps:

Log in to your InsuredMine account.

Navigate to the top menu bar.

Locate and click on the “Quick Action Button.”

Using the Quick Action Button:

Once you’ve clicked on the “Quick Action Button,” a dropdown menu will appear, presenting a list of actions you can perform.

Let’s take a closer look at each action:

Add Activity: Quickly record and manage activities or tasks related to your insurance operations.

Add Contact: Add new contacts and manage your contact list efficiently.

Add Account: Easily create and manage accounts within your insurance system.

Add Deal: Keep track of potential deals and opportunities with the Quick Action Button.

Send Email: Send emails directly to your clients or contacts.

Send Text: Communicate with your clients via text messages directly through the Quick Action Button.

Add Policy: Streamline policy management by quickly adding new policies to your system.

Add Xdates: Stay organized by adding important expiration dates for policies.

Add Task: Create and manage tasks and to-do lists for yourself or your team.

Send Voicemail Drop: Leave pre-recorded voicemail messages for clients without making a call. (Integrated)

Request Payment: Simplify payment collection by sending payment requests through the Quick Action Button. (Integrated)

Get Google Reviews: Boost your online presence by requesting Google reviews from satisfied clients.

Get NPS: Measure client satisfaction with the Net Promoter Score feature.

Send Handwritten Card ( Send personalized handwritten cards to clients to show appreciation. (Integrated)

Send App Download Link: Share the InsuredMine app with clients for enhanced communication and convenience.


The Quick Action Button in the InsuredMine top menu is a valuable tool for insurance professionals looking to streamline their workflow, improve communication, and manage their operations efficiently. By providing quick access to essential actions such as adding contacts, policies, and tasks, this feature enhances your overall user experience. Take advantage of the Quick Action Button to save time and stay organized in your insurance endeavors.

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