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QuoteRush Rater Integration

QuoteRush is a rating tool that allows you to quickly quote all of your insurance carriers from a single entry screen. Recently InsuredMine has integrated with QuoteRush and InsuredMine is having the ability to pass on data to QuoteRush. Currently, for three deal categories – HomeOwners, Auto, and Flood, integration is taking place. 

Note: If All agents will use different QuoteRUSH credentials is checked, then the agent can connect to QuoteRUSH, if not checked then only the admin can connect to QuoteRUSH.


Make sure you have already signed up for QuoteRush rating tool prior to setting up the integration.

To enable QuoteRUSH:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click on Integrations
  • Click on QuoteRUSH to connect
  • Fill in the user ID and Password
  • Click to Connect


Note: This checkbox option will be visible to admin only. If it is checked, all agents will connect QuoteRUSH with different credentials, if not checked, all agents will use the same QuoteRUSH credentials provided by the admin.

Once done, you will get a success notification saying:
If ‘All agents will use different QuoteRUSH credentials’ is checked, then agent can connect to QuoteRUSH with their own agent login.

Integrations of Fields in IM Quotesheet 

Whenever you sent an intake form to client, you will get the option to save the form to QuoteRush. If you select the option the form will get uploaded and saved in QuoteRush too.

Note: This integration of data will be possible only if the client has QuoteRush login credentials.


  • Quoterush is NOT integrated with Custom Forms made in InsuredMine
  • Quoterush integration is not available for Commercial Lines or Life Ins.; we integrate Quoterush only for PL

To view the enhancement:

  • Navigate to Pipelines
  • Select intake form
  • Add the form
  • Scroll down and select Save to QuoteRush

Insuredmine Quote Sheet Sample:

Once the data is filled and saved in the InsuredMine Quote Sheet, it gets reflected in QuoteRush too.

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