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Redirect NPS to Google Review in settings

Now, users have the option to configure a redirection setting, which includes the ability to set a specific rating threshold. This means that when you set a rating threshold, if a client provides a rating above that threshold, they will be automatically redirected to the Google review page to leave their feedback.

Use Case: This feature enables users to leverage a redirection setting within the NPS system, allowing them to seamlessly redirect clients to the Google Review page if they receive a rating above a specified threshold. It aims to streamline the process of gathering online reviews from satisfied clients. Google reviews will increase online visibility and build customer trust.


  1. Navigate to the Google Reviews section.
  2. Click on the NPS tab.

3. Click on the Settings menu.

4. Select the “Redirection Settings” option.

Note: Once you have chosen a rating threshold, any subsequent ratings from clients that surpass this threshold will trigger an automatic redirection to the Google Review page.

Note: After saving your settings, a success popup will confirm your changes.

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