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Restart the stopped stage of Pipeline Automation

Previously, when an automation was in progress or scheduled for a deal card, and another automation was initiated in between, there was no option available to stop the prior automation or restart it. However, a solution has been implemented. Now, users have the capability to restart the interrupted automation with a simple click on the ‘START’ button.

 To view the enhancement:

  • Navigate to the pipelines module.
  • Select any deal card.
  • Click on “Automation” and navigate to the ” Automation” tab to review ongoing or scheduled automations.
  • Within source automation, I have two scheduled automations set to trigger. For instance, these automated processes are scheduled to activate at specific times.
  • Suppose,I’m moving the deal card to stage 2 or trigger a new automation in between, you may notice that the automation comes to a halt.
  • With a simple click on the ‘START’ button, you can easily resume previous automations in one go.

Note: If an automation is scheduled for 5 pm today and an attempt is made to start it at 6 pm, it will not initiate as the scheduled time has already passed. To ensure successful execution, trigger the automation before the scheduled time.

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