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Scheduler Landing Page for logged-in user

You can schedule your meetings and engagements from the calendar section. This scheduling page will help you and other team members to know your schedule of the day, so they can schedule a meeting with you accordingly. 


To view the enhancement:


  • Navigate to Calendar

  • Click on Create Your Scheduler Page

  • Click on the add sign.

  • Fill out the Event Name, Event Description, and Event Link.

  • Click on Create Event.

  • You will get a notification saying: 


Note: You can create multiple events by clicking on the add sign.

  • Click on the Preview link to have a look at the Scheduler Page.
  • To further confirm the date and time slot, click on the arrow sign.

  • Select the date and time and click Confirm.

  • Fill in the Name, Email Address, Additional guests, and Phone Number.

  • Click on Submit.


  • You will receive an email confirmation once complete.

To edit or delete any event, you need to navigate to the Create Your Scheduler Page and click on the edit or delete icon as required.


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