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Share : Checklist, Template, SCD, List

Sharing Checklist, Template, SCD, and List will help the insurance agents to work more efficiently and collaboratively. 

Sharing checklist

The checklist helps agents to keep track of the status of the particular deal they are working on by marking off those items in the checklist and be able to track what is remaining to be done. Through the checklist, one can update the recent task, which will further help them focus on their deal.

How to share the checklist with the agents, CSR, or team members?

  • Navigate to Pipeline Manager.
  • Click on the gear icon to view settings.
  • Select Checklist Templates from the dropdown.
  • Click on the Add Checklist button provided on the top right side of the page.
  • Add the Checklist name.
  • Add Item in the list.
  • Click on Add.
  • Select the agents (multiple or all) with whom the checklist is to be shared.
  • Click on save
  • Notification on the top left will show that the checklist was successfully shared.
  • System will also send an email to the agents or users with whom the checklist has been shared.

The checklist will be immediately shared with the respective agents.

Sharing Single Contact Drip

Agents can share the drip campaign with other agents, so others don’t need to recreate the sequence.

How to share SCD (Single Contact Drip) ?

  • Navigate on Engagement module from the left navigation menu.
  • Click on Single Contact Drip .
  • Select the drip campaign and click share button.
  • Select the names of the agents to share the SCD.
  • Click Share button.
  • Click Yes, Share! in the popup screen to confirm the sharing action.
  • System will also send an email to the agents or users with whom the SCD has been shared.

Sharing Email Templates

Sharing emails will enable faster access to the email templates that agents can edit and send to the respective clients in one go. No need to invest time in drafting a similar kind of emails! Just select any particular email template or the complete template folder and share it with the agent for faster communication with the clients.

How to share email templates 

  • Navigate on Engagement .
  • Click on Templates .
  • Select the Template by clicking the particular Template listed on the left side of your screen.

To share the complete email template folder:

  • Click on the ellipses (3 dots) mentioned by the side of the template folder (at the top next to the folder name).
  • Click on the share folder option.
  • Select the name of the agents with whom the email templates to be shared.
  • Click Share button.
  • Success notification option will show at the top right.

To share individual email template:

  • Click on the ellipses (3 dots) mentioned by the side of the particular email template.
  • Click on the share option .
  • Select the names of the agents to share.
  • Click the Share button .
  • Success notification option will show at the top right.

Sharing List

The list is a contact directory that is created to send email/text or drip campaigns. Now agents can share their contact list of their clients with another agent.Please note: Live lists cannot be shared as new contacts get added while the email campaign is live.

How to share the list?

  • Navigate to Engagement.
  • Click on List .
  • Click on the gear icon to view settings.
  • Click on list library.  
  • Click on the share icon provided at the right side of the list (except the live lists).
  • Select the name of agents with whom you want to share.
  • Click share button .

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