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How to Use the Smart Search Feature in InsuredMine?

There are two methods available: the Smart Search box and the Smart Search Page.

Smart Search Box:

  1. Select the search type from the dropdown before you start entering your search input.
  2. Type the policy number, account name, customer name, or AMS ID you are searching for in the Smart Search box.
  3. Wait for the results to appear in the dropdown menu.
  4. Click on the relevant result that matches your search criteria.
  5. The detailed page related to your search will open up, providing you with the desired information.

Smart Search Page:

  1. To directly access the Smart Search Page, click on the search icon before entering your search query.
  2. Alternatively, you can start typing your search query in the search box.
  3. Click on the search icon.
  4. The results will be displayed on the Smart Search Page, offering a comprehensive view of the search outcomes.

By utilizing either the Smart Search box or the Smart Search Page, users can quickly find the information they need within InsuredMine, optimizing their search experience and enhancing productivity.

Distinguishing Features: Smart Search Box vs. Smart Search Page

The distinguishing features between the Smart Search Box and Smart Search Page in InsuredMine are as follows:

Smart Search Box:

  1. Enables searches by contact name, account name, policy number, and AMS ID.
  2. Valid search entries include first name, last name, city, state, email address, address, phone number, account name, policy number, and AMS ID.
  3. When searching for a contact, the dropdown will display the following relevant information:

4.When searching for an account, the dropdown will show the following details:

5.When searching for a policy, the dropdown will provide relevant information.

Smart Search Page:

  1. Provides additional search options categorized by search type: contact, policy, account, and deal card.

2.Allows users to select specific fields for refined searches.

3.For contacts, the search fields include various contact details as well as Notes, Tasks & files.

4.For accounts, the search fields encompass relevant account information.

5.For policy, the search fields offer policy information along with contact details.

6.For deal cards, specific search fields are available.

7.Contact status search is also available as an option

Search Locations Beyond ‘Smart Search Box’ and ‘Smart Search Page’:

  1. Account
  2. Policy
  3. Carrier
  4. Category
  5. Contact
  6. Pipelines
  7. Engagement
  8. Tasklist
  9. Notes
  10. Form
  11. Work Email
  12. Esign

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