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Payment Module – Tranzpay Integration

We care for your money! So at every step where payment is involved, we have ensured to provide you the most secure and dependable platform. InsuredMine’s payment module is integrated with Tranzpay, which is a secure platform to collect payments. You can now save on the back and forth between different sites for premium collection. The policyholders also have the ease of paying policy premiums in an efficient and viable way.

Follow the steps to learn about the three modes provided by InsuredMine to collect premiums.

  • Agency portal
  • Your Agency Website
  • Client portal
  • Mobile app.  

Enhancement! June 2020

Payment from InsuredMine Agency Portal

  1. Go to the Payment module from the left navigation panel. 
  2. Select the Request Payment option from the Landing page dropdown from the header. 

3. Request Payment Form will open

  • Search for the client from whom to request payment
  • Fill in other details
  • Submit for payment to the client.

Note: When you select a policy, the amount due gets pre-populated (filled automatically).

4. Your client will receive an email to make payment

  • Client has to click on the “Pay Now” button. 

5. The payment screen will appear

  1. The client will Confirm the policy for which payment needs to be made
  2.  Next, the client will confirm the amount.

6. Next screen will be a connection to Tranzpay Payment portal

  • The client will fill in credit card information. 
  • Client will add digital signature to process payment.

7. The client will receive a confirmation email for successful payment.

8. You will also receive a confirmation email for successful payment.

  1. You can click on View in InsuredMine Dashboard button to go to the Dashboard to review payment details.

9. On InsuredMine Agency Portal Payment Module – Payment status will be reflected with additional information and analytics.


Payment from Your Agency Website

You can allow the users to pay through your website. Integrate the payment link in your agency website by creating a payment button. Add the payment link from InsuredMine in your website HTML code snippet for the payment button.

The link redirects to the payment form for processing transactions. The form displays your agency logo, support email id, and phone number along with the payment detail input fields.

To add a payment link, contact the Insuredmine support team. The specimen of the payment form is shared below:

The transaction process after the user fills the form and clicks the “send” button; the same process will be followed the Step 5 to Step 9 as mentioned above in the “Payment from the InsuredMine Agency Portal” segment.

The Admin can only view the payment details in the Payments module through the agency portal’s Admin account login.

The Source field populated as the website under the Recent Transactions segment indicates the payment received from your agency website.

Payment from InsuredMine Client Portal

10. Trigger payment from Client Portal

  • Click on the Payment Module from the left navigation
  • Select the policy number or payment type option
  • Review/Add amount, if not pre-populated.
  • Process payment 
  • Tranzpayment screen will open up, and a similar process from 5-8 will continue.

Payment from InsuredMine Mobile App

11. Trigger payment from dashboard payment box

  • Select the policy number or payment type option
  • Review/Add amount if not pre-populated.
  • Process payment 

12. Tranzpayment screen will open up and a similar process from 5-8 will continue.

Click here to view video demonstrating the payment process in the mobile app

Notes: The agent/Agency needs to subscribe to Tranzpay to activate the payment option in their Agency Portal, Mobile App(Client’s App), and Customer Portal (clients Web Portal)

If you are an InsuredMine Client and want to set up payment processing?

Send us a request now and we will help you get it all set up.-
Mandatory Fields for taking Tranzpay payment from user:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address – Address in user profile for billing address at Tranzpay

2. Mobile App/Client Portal: Insured can pay a premium for the policy or any other payment like- Endorsement, etc., by choosing “Other Payment” options in Agent Portal, Client Portal or Mobile App

Enhancements!- Oct 2020

Tracking Payments

If an agent sends a payment request for a client who DOES NOT BELONG to the agent’s account, the tracking for the same payment WILL show in their payment dashboard For example, Payment is requested by Agent A for a client, Brenda, who is written by Agent B; still, the payment tracking will appear in Agent A’s account, helping them maintain the record.

Enhancements!- November 2020

Payment requests can be made by sending text reminders. This text message will have a payment request link.

Enhancements!- November 2020

Tranzpay: Payment Analytics

Payment Analytics will help you to have a complete overview of the payments. This will show the payment graph of the last 30 days. This graph will show the pending and success amount that coordinates with date and amount.

Date Wise Filters in Transaction History

You can also view the transaction history by applying filters on dates.

The process of applying filters in transaction history:

  • Click on Payments
  • Scroll down to navigate to Transaction History
  • Click on Transaction History

  • Click on date filters
  • Select the dates
  • Click on Apply

Note: You can filter the date range based on last 7 days, last 30 days or can even custom the date range as per your requirement.

Enhancements!- February 2021

Date Filter Data in Tranzpay dashboard

Now you can apply date filters while viewing the payment analytics. This enhancement will help you to have a more precise knowledge about the payment status.

To view the payment analytics as per dates selected:

  • Navigate to payments
  • Select custom to choose the date range of your choice.
  • Click on the date section and select the date range.
  • Once done click to apply
  • The graph will change as per actual.