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The InsuredMine Way of Change

To help your team adopt InsuredMine, we developed The InsuredMine Way of Change, a change management framework created by analyzing what the most successful teams in InsuredMine have in common—and pairing that information with the expertise of our Customer Success team—to give you the best game plan for managing your transition to InsuredMine. You’ll follow these 6 steps to success:

Step 1 – Define your why:

Adapting to any change is tough, and changing the way your team works is no cakewalk. In this step, you’ll identify and form your InsuredMine Adoption Alliance, the core group of change ambassadors who will help drive your team’s adoption of InsuredMine by developing a compelling answer to, “Why InsuredMine?” and “Why now?” Together, you’ll reflect on your current team pain points:

  1. What brought you to InsuredMine in the first place?
  2. What could be better or easier about the way you collaborate with your team today?

After all, it takes a village to change the way you work, and we’ll help you define the roles and requirements of the alliance that will bring this change forward.

Step 2 – Discover your now:

You can’t decide where you’re going without understanding where you are now. In this step, you’ll take the time to define yours now. What tools are you using now? What processes do you have in place? Reflecting back on your “why” and core pain points, you’ll identify one workflow to move to InsuredMine and begin to gather the artifacts that will drive your InsuredMine usage and implementation.

Step 3 – Design your first workflow:

In this step, you’ll build your first workflow in InsuredMine. This will bring many users into the tool so they can start getting familiar with it and you’ll see an immediate impact on your team’s efficiency and effectiveness.
During this time, you’ll also take a first pass at establishing conventions for how your team will use InsuredMine for your first workflow. InsuredMine conventions usually begin as answers to common questions (like “When should I comment vs. create a task?”) and evolve into the norms your team follows and teaches new hires when working within InsuredMine. As you build your first workflow, start to ideate on what these rules of engagement could look like for your team.

Step 4 – Enable your team & celebrate wins:

This one is obvious, right? InsuredMine works best when all team members are using InsuredMine to manage and orchestrate their work. But this won’t happen overnight. We’ll provide you with resources to train your team on InsuredMine basics as well as your team’s specific workflows so that everyone is on the same page. And don’t forget to celebrate your team every step of the way. Give a shout-out whenever team members complete an InsuredMine Academy course, for example, or find creative ways to celebrate other team wins.

Step 5 – Ensure future success:

With one workflow live in InsuredMine, you can start to make more decisions about how you’ll use InsuredMine moving forward (e.g., How will we build projects? What happens when a task becomes overdue?) Having InsuredMine conventions in place ensures that everyone feels confident they’re “doing it right” and everyone agrees on the “right way” to do things in InsuredMine. In this step, you’ll address and codify these behaviors upfront, which can impact user adoption and behavior significantly.

Step 6 – Measure and expand your use:

By this step, you and your team will be well on your way to adopting InsuredMine. You’ll reflect back on what you wrote in Step 1 and see how you’re tracking. Did you accomplish your goal(s)? Are new workflows running smoothly? How effective is InsuerdMine relative to your expectations? If you’ve been successful and completed your timeline, communicate your wins and progress to your executive sponsors and stakeholders. You can also start adding more workflows, projects, and processes to InsuredMine if you haven’t already. When you’re ready to put the next process in place, repeat these steps to deploy InsuredMine for your next workflow.

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