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Undelivered eSignature Handling

Description – This feature allows the agent to resend the eSignature document to the user whose email address was invalid/incorrect, So by this feature the agent will be able to see the status Undelivered in the eSignature module whose email address was invalid/incorrect. So the agents can re enter the correct email and can resend it to the user.

Navigation –

  • Navigate to the eSignature module
  • Upload a document for eSignature
  • Add recipient invalid email address
  • Add signature field 
  • Send for eSignature
  • When an email address is invalid then the status will be Undelivered
  • Then the agent will get an option to edit the email address and resend it.
  • Once it has been resent the status will be changed from Undelivered to In process.
  • User will receive the email for signing the document
  • Once the user has signed the document then the status will be completed.

After the status will be completed then in timeline the agents will be able to see all the details.


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