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Undo button for AI-generated text

 An Undo button for instances when the AI’s suggestions don’t align with your preferences. This feature empowers you to effortlessly revert back to your original content.

Use Case: More control over the content you generate with the AI, allowing you to seamlessly align it with your preferences.


  1. Navigate to the ‘Pipeline’ module.
  2. Select the deal card that you want to work on.

3.Inside the deal card, locate and click on the ‘Communications’ section.

4.Within Communications, select the email option.

5.Click on ‘Send Email’ and craft the content of your email according to your requirements.

6.Once you have composed the email, locate the AI logo and click to expand it.

7.The AI will enhance the text you’ve written, offering suggestions to refine your message.

Note: In the event that the AI’s enhancements do not meet your expectations, InsuredMine’s new Undo feature provides a solution.

8.After the AI has enriched your text, you will notice an ‘Undo’ button. Clicking the ‘Undo’ button will instantly revert the enhanced text back to your original composition.

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