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Verify Email for Campaigns

Setting the sender email address As the “From email address” when sending an email campaign.

During your account setting, one of the steps is to verify email for campaigns. Verifying email ensures that the sender is authentic and not just any spam sender. It also ensures that just anyone cannot use your email id to send a campaign out.

You can verify email addresses in 2 ways

  1. Through the Verification link email.
  2. Through Domain Verification Records
  1. Verification link email:

In the get started module, when you click on the Verify button under the Verify email segment, you will receive an email with a verification link. You just have to click on the link and InsuredMine will get notified that the client has clicked the link.

Email illustration can be seen in the image below:

After the email verification process, your email id reflects in the “From” email address list of the Send email campaign segment in the Engagement module.

Pro Tips: you can request support team to verify multiple emails (as illustrated) so you can choose to send email from the selection available based on the campaign topic.

  1. Domain Verification Records

Domain verification records facilitate verifying agency email addresses without individually sending a verification mail to each agent. This method of email address verification saves time (especially for larger agencies) and also helps build a good domain reputation with a higher click and open rates. Moreover, it reduces the chances of bounce emails fostering higher deliverability.

To verify email addresses through Domain Verification Records, follow the steps mentioned below:

Request domain verification via email through the Support module from your agent portal.

  1. Go to the Support module and in the email  add the subject as Send me the record set.
  2. Then, in the category, select Domain Verification
  3. Type the message: Please send me the record for DNS.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Alternatively, send an email on for the Domain Verification Records.

Our support team shares the Domain Verification Records in a CSV format. You have to embed the txt records file in your DNS System. An illustrative image of Domain Verification Records file is shared below.

Server links embed information is provided below, complete the DNS entry process with the help of the information provided. Contact Insuredmine Support in case you are using other Service Providers.

DNS/Hosting ProviderDocumentation Link
GoDaddyAdd a TXT record
DreamhostHow do I add custom DNS records?
CloudflareManaging DNS records in CloudFlare
HostGatorManage DNS Records with HostGator/eNom
NamecheapHow do I add TXT/SPF/DKIM/DMARC records for my domain? your domains DNS Settings
WixAdding or Updating TXT Records in Your Wix Account

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