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Why don’t labels get copied or moved when a deal card with a label attached to it is copied or moved to another Pipeline board?”

Here are the steps:

1. Creating Labels and Sharing: Labels can be created in your Pipeline board, and there’s an option to share these labels with other boards. However, sharing labels alone doesn’t ensure that labels will be copied or moved when cards are moved/copied to another board.

2. Sharing Labels Minimizes Effort: The sharing option is designed to minimize the effort of creating the same label in another board when cards are moved or copied. While it’s not a one-step solution, it does provide a more efficient way to manage labels across boards. When labels are shared with another board, they will be available, and users can manually link them to the copied or moved cards.

In summary, labels don’t automatically get copied or moved with deal cards, but the sharing feature allows for a more streamlined process in managing labels across multiple boards. Users can link shared labels to cards manually when needed.

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