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Work Email 101

With the work email feature at InsuredMine, you can sync your work email address with your agent portal. This feature will enable you to send and receive emails without switching to your actual email service provider.

Connecting you work email

Setting Up Work Email with InsuredMine

This feature works like your inbox, but better. You can use pre-designed templates while sending emails to your clients.

Search throughout your inbox

Mark an email as Important

Mark an email as Read

Add Deal

View Attachment in Email

Track your Sent Emails

Note: To use this feature, make sure you have connected your email to your agent portal.

Work Email – Inbox

Track your Sent Emails

Add Deal into Pipeline from Email

Enhancement! August 2020

Forward emails from work email

5. On the send email screen, make the desired edits, add recipients and click Send.

Work Email Contacts Sync

You can connect your work email contacts with InsuredMine. Now quickly add deals, view details, and communicate better with all functionalities in sync. The work mail contacts are visible in the Contacts module of InsuredMine in a 360-degree aspect. So when you need to type in an email address in a new email – it will not be an issue.


Enhancement!- February 2021

Add contact option in work email contact section

  • Click on Contacts

  • Click on the 3 ellipses(…) under the Action section beside the contact you select.