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Work Email 101

Connecting you work email

With the work email feature at InsuredMine, you can sync your work email address with your agent portal. This feature will enable you to send and receive emails without switching to your actual email service provider.

To start accessing your work email, you need to connect your email with InsuredMine portal. To connect:

  • Navigate to work email
  • Click on connect your  email
  • You will be navigated to settings page where you need to click to connect your email.
  • Choose your account and click on connect
  • Put the email id that you want to connect to your work mail and click on sign in

  • You will be navigated to the selected email login page. Log in to sign in to
  • Grant the required permissions to access the mail. In case it shows the app int’t verified then click on advanced or go to

Work Email – Inbox

This feature works like your inbox, but better. 

What all you can do?

  1. You can use pre-designed templates while sending emails to your clients.
  2. Search throughout your inbox
  3. Mark an email as Important
  4. Mark an email as Read
  5. Add Deal
  6. View Attachment in Email
  7. Track your Sent Emails

Note: To use this feature, make sure you have connected your email to your agent portal.

Enhancement! October 2021

Work Email Changes

Click on the arrow sign to open and close the work email menu. The following options:  compose, archive, delete items, drafts, inbox, junk email, sent items, outbox, contacts and track your email will appear.



  • Once you click to open an email, the messaging trail will appear one by one.


  • Once you have selected an email, the functionalities that can be performed from each message will be on the right side panel.
  • Click on the add task button to add a task.
  • Click on create a deal to find an existing deal or create a new deal 
  • Click on map email to save email to a deal card.
  • To add email to existing contact click on the button provided below add email to existing.
  • Click on 3 dots, to reply, reply to all, forward and archive. 


Track your Sent Emails

Add Deal into Pipeline from Email

Forward emails from work email